“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”– Steve Jobs

This 2019, it is our 20th anniversary and we want to celebrate that we work with passion, because we love our work.

The world does not stop evolving and changing at giant steps. Following its rhythm is a constant and passionate challenge which arises each day, in each thing you do and in each new discovery. Fear and uncertainty are the worst enemies that follow us each day. Trust, effort and passion are the best allies. That is why it is important to believe in what you do, to devote your life to something that is worth it.

Television was king a few years ago. It was able to build minds, open paths, and change things. And something similar happened with radio, with the press, with traditional media. And suddenly, Internet arrived. The great explosion that changed how things were done. It was no longer enough to generate messages and pass them on. Now you had to understand, empathise, connect with users so that, in a world full of possibilities within anyone’s reach, they would want to be near you. Social networks, search engines, engagement, users, hashtags, stories, live broadcasts, immediacy and a multitude of terms that one would have to digest; and, of course, if you were not convinced of what you did, you could choke.

Now, it is not enough to (just) be first, as the surprise factor is increasingly difficult to achieve. But there is something that has not changed in people: their emotions. Emotions are the driving force of the world and the stories built must touch people’s hearts. And that is why our team has been making emotions their driving force for 20 years.

Because, when you live it, work becomes passion. When you live it, you understand that there is no time to stop surprising. The hours of assembly fly by, and details become priorities and stop being details. When you live it, if you do not know how to do it, YOU JUST DO IT.

We have been building stories for 20 years and celebrating that we can do what we love most. Our only wish after blowing out the candles? To keep counting on the people who have helped us turn 20 years and to continue feeling that passion that moves us every day.