More and more people are becoming conscious of climate change and getting involved in all kinds of recycling activities.

This weekend, the Mercado de Motores has been the setting for a very special activity: together with Mahou and artist Sfhir, we have built a sculpture with recycled material from the brand. Ever since he found the way to express himself through graffiti, Sfhir has not stopped creating, expressing and evolving. He defines himself as an urban writer and uses materials from different sources, in order to get spectacular and different results, such as fire on wood or photoluminescent paint on canvas. He believes in ephemeral art and always astonishes us with images and situations which make us reflect, intertwining realism and fiction.

Faithful to his motto, “I just know I can’t stop,” this weekend we have had the chance to enjoy his interesting new work, which uses Mahou recycled material. From the beginning, we knew that the brewery and the artist’s work would certainly impress us.

We progressively witnessed how the recycled material took the shape of a huge snake protecting with its tail a batch of Mahou products, and a barbecue grill was given as a present through an entertaining digital contest.

Once again, and together with Mahou, we have managed to surprise the audience, displaying an original artwork while raising awareness on the importance of the environment and a responsible use of our planet’s resources.

Through these actions, Auriga Cool Marketing has intended to transmit, once more, its commitment to sustainability with each and every one of its projects, as well as the importance of social and cultural partnership through art.