Future Proof and Customer Centric was the claim of the event, in which Auriga Cool Marketing was in charge of the organisation to celebrate the BMW Asia Pacific Region Dealer Convention 2019, composed by the following countries: India, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, Borneo, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Guam, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.
Two days of convention at the Pavilhao Carlos Lopes in Lisbon with 380 guests, during which transmitting the importance of the customer centric concept was the priority theme in two occasions: a gala dinner with an awards ceremony on Thursday 24th of January, and a full day of talks with 10 speakers on Friday 25th.

Auriga Cool Marketing has designed a global experience in which each guest was protagonist of each convention’s moment with facilities which made it possible to project a mapping surrounding the attendees during the gala dinner, and supporting the speakers on the day of talks. An event which required a staff composed by 20 members of Auriga’s staff, 18 hosts/hostesses and 60 members for carpentry assembly, decorations and technical installation.

The gala dinner was organised with 27 tables around a circular stage, creating a centric structure inspired on the event’s claim. The dinner started with personalised seating with the name of each guest projected over their plate, as well as a spectacular mapping show in which the faces of the 380 guests went across their tables until reaching the four screens which surrounded the room and closed with the slogan and logo of the event. Likewise, prior to each course, another mapping show with different decorative themes inspired on the offered recipe was projected, as well as a special mapping show for the awards ceremony. For these projections, the event required 30 projectors with 10,000 lumens for the zenithal projection over the tables, 2 projectors with 20,000 lumens for the stage’s zenithal projection, 60 connexion points, 400 linear metres from Eurotruss, 150 m2 of 4mm led screen, 6 Watchout systems of 6×6 display each, more than 60 robotic stage lights, 6 arrays with d&b sound, state-of-the-art Sennheiser 6000 series microphones, filming CCTV with 2 robotic cameras, 2 cameras with an operator and a pole cam crane, all of this directed by 28 technicians during the live event.

In addition to the projection assembly, the space was decorated with 980 square metres of linen curtains to dilute the room, 27 stables and a constructed circular stage with built-in led lighting and 2 closed rooms which held the new BMW models of this year. The construction of these 2 closed rooms entailed a certain complexity, as it had to be done at night, once the attendees had left the Pavilhao and prior to their arrival at the talks on the next day.

The whole dinner was served by a very special catering, involving so many countries, varied and different, that it required the design of a menu adapted to each culture, for instance Muslims (halal), as well as other special requirements not only for vegan and celiac guests, but also for those with lactose and nuts intolerance. In order to do so, a catering with 50 waiters directed by 2 head waiters and 4 sub-head waiters was hired, and 2 kitchens with 10 chefs and a 12-metre counter were used.

On top of all this, an App with personalised information was designed for each guest, with a personalised welcome video, a birthday greeting for some attendees who celebrated their birthday those days, and a farewell message for everyone. The attendees could also look up their table number, the scheduling of each country, their cloakroom numbers and their group to visit the closed rooms.

It must be highlighted that the event has had a 9.2 guest rating on the App.

A macro event with 18 guest countries, which earned the on-stage congratulations to the Auriga team from Hendrik von Khuem himself, Senior Vice President of the Asia Pacific Region, East Europe, Middle East and Africa, and which received a round of applause from all the guests. Auriga Cool Marketing celebrates this 2019 its 20th anniversary positioning itself as one of the leading agencies in this sector in Spain, and facing new challenges every day at the cornerstone of its philosophy: when you live it, work becomes passion.