One more year, we have successfully completed LA VUELTA. In this case, it has been an edition full of mountain legs and powerful emotions along its 21 stages. For this, we needed to rely on a team who knew no limits, who loved powerful emotions and who could feel the strength of their team in order to give their best response in every single stage.

La Vuelta and the team

To do so, we searched for people who felt the magic of sports, the passion of events but, overall, who shared the warm feeling and hopes of everybody they were going to be with: organisers, sportsmen, guests and fans of a wide range of ages who came with great enthusiasm to see the start, a leg or the finish line of every stage.

Things don’t happen on their own, and even less so in such an event. Unipublic, one year more, has given us the opportunity of being part of this big family that is La Vuelta, with a huge responsibility as a team. It has been a pleasure working for this big team who pursues excellence every single moment, in every city and in every one of the thousand kilometres we have travelled this year.

We have become another cycling team, drawing strength from wishful thinking when it looked like we could not reach the finish line. There have been lots of challenges to overcome, not all has been plain sailing: “Push your limits and you will find out where your shortcomings are.”

So, thanks to the great work of every one of our aurigueros (hosts, hostesses, entertainers, drivers, the assembly team, etc.) we have reached the podium. Lance Armstrong used to say that winning is in the heart, not just in the legs. All of us who took part in La Vuelta 2018 have experienced that quote every single second. Behind every effort, every adjustment, every change, there was a person working with heart and soul. And all those hearts and souls have become one. Let’s keep pedalling, and keep this heart beating.

As we have already mentioned in the social networks, we will take thousands of landscapes, hugs, smiles, friendships and a marvellous sport away with us, for all eternity.