A new challenge for us: the launch of a new fleet of e-NV200 and Leaf electric Nissan vehicles. An idyllic location: the Vega de Carabaña Estate, 38 kilometres away from Madrid, found in the heart of nature. The best occasion and setting for Nissan to reaffirm their environmental commitment philosophy.

e-NV200 electric vehicles

On November 19th, we accompanied Nissan at the launch of their new fleet. We knew that space was the greatest challenge: it had to comply with the necessary requirements to convey our customer’s philosophy. So we chose an organic farming estate committed to the environment, featuring a space and distribution ideal to launch their new vehicles, as well as a gastronomic proposal that fulfilled, in detail, sustainability and quality values for the lunch and coffee break.

The estate boasts a building with a space and distribution ideal to launch the vehicles at its entrance, as well as the arrangement of lounges to have the coffee break and lunch with a gastronomic proposal highly in line with sustainability and quality. The setting and capacity of the chosen location for an event is vital to understand the product’s concept in this case.

Auriga, as the best event agency (FIP 2017/Eventoplus2018 awards) supports key projects in environmental sustainability and progress, being proud of our customers’ new proposals, such as Nissan’s e-NV200 company van and 2018 fleet with advanced battery, 60% driving range and making fully electric deliveries across Europe real.

This is the new Nissan generation for the companies of the future.